Theron  6.00.02
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  o*Actor.hActor baseclass
  o*Address.hAddress object by which messages are addressed
  o*Align.hAlignment markup and macro's, in particular for message types
  o*AllocatorManager.hStatic manager class for allocators used within Theron
  o*Assert.hDefines assert and fail macro's for debugging and error reporting
  o*BasicTypes.hDefines basic standard types in a hopefully cross-platform manner
  o*Catcher.hUtility that catches messages received by a Receiver
  o*DefaultAllocator.hThe allocator used within Theron by default
  o*Defines.hGlobal user-configurable defines
  o*EndPoint.hAn endpoint in a connected network of processes, potentially on remote hosts
  o*Framework.hFramework that hosts and executes actors
  o*IAllocator.hAllocator interface
  o*Receiver.hUtility that can receive messages from actors
  o*Register.hOptional type registration for message types
  o*Theron.hAll-inclusive wrapper header that includes all public headers
  \*YieldStrategy.hDefines the YieldStrategy enumerated type