Theron  6.00.02
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\NTheronMain namespace containing all public API components
 oCActorThe actor baseclass
 oCAddressThe unique address of an entity that can send or receive messages
 oCAllocatorManagerStatic class that manages allocators for use by Theron
 oCCatcherA simple utility class template that catches messages received by a Receiver
 oCDefaultAllocatorA simple general purpose memory allocator used by default
 oCEndPointNetwork communication object
 |\CParametersParameters structure that can be passed to the EndPoint constructor
 oCFrameworkManager class that hosts, manages, and executes actors
 |\CParametersParameters structure that can be passed to the Framework constructor
 oCIAllocatorInterface describing a general-purpose memory allocator
 \CReceiverA standalone entity that can accept messages sent by actors